Let’s create a solid presence for your business online, and leverage the power of the internet to grow your brand and attract more customers.

Attract your Audience, Grow your Client Base, and Boost your Business with Strategic Internet Marketing

Online marketing is a great way to market and advertise your product or service, to find your target audience and engage with them. It is also very cost-effective compared to traditional advertising. And if you know your way around, you can do much of it yourself, or hire freelancers to do so. But if you don’t know what you’re doing you can waste a lot of time and money.

In order to leverage the internet effectively, you need to know about the key principles, the avenues and the core components of online marketing, and chart a strategic course of action to meet your business goals.
As your marketing coach, I can help you with the following:

Specialised marketing guidance & services, aimed at results..


I will guide you to the most powerful name for your business / website / product and design a professional identity and logo that attracts customers.


An important element of any marketing strategy, this exercise ensures that you position yourself ideally in the marketplace so as to speak the langauge of your target audience and get them to see you as the go-to solution provider.


I will create a modern WordPress website for you, which clearly communicates your offering, with a fresh, clean design and all your required functionality.


I will help create your content strategy, perform keyword research, and write compelling articles which draw potential customers to you.


From your articles to your opt-in forms.. from your email sequences to your sales pages, I’ll help you and set up your automated marketing machine.

Strategic Marketing with the Bigger Picture in mind ..

My approach is decidedly strategic, and very systematic and I will guide you to optimise every element of your marketing. I will often engage you on the intention, the psychology, the energy and even the languaging of your approach, so that you can achieve outstanding results.

All Your Questions. Now Answered!

  • On what platform should I build my website – WordPress? Wix? Joomla?
  • Do I need just one website, or many?
  • How much of content do I need for my website?
  • Where can I find quality content for my website?
  • What is SEO? And do I really need to bother?
  • Is it a good idea to take out paid ads on Facebook or Google?
  • Do I need a Facebook presence for my business?
  • What about a profile on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest?
  • How do I start getting traffic to my website?
  • How should I lay out the elements of my website to inform and engage my website visitors in the best way?
  • What is “keyword research” and do I need to do this?
  • Do I need just one website, or many?
  • What exactly is e-mail marketing and is it important?
  • Do I need just one website, or many?
  • Is it possible to automate my e-mail marketing so that I don’t have to be at my computer everyday?
  • What is content marketing is it necessary for my business?
  • How can I advertise my website on other relevant websites or e-mails?
  • Is there some way to automate all my postings to all my social media profiles?
  • How to create and automate a sales funnel for my business?

What my clients are saying...

“You can only win by engaging him on any level!”

“We were delighted with our website design and even more so when we started to receive daily inquiries from the site, which now receives almost 5000 unique visitors per month.

Devin has a style of not just implementing stuff but teaching you how to develop a strategic mindset and smart ways of growing your business. You can only win by engaging him on any level.”

Management, The Pro Group.

“3000 unique visitors per month with more than 60 000 hits per month!”

I was really impressed by Devin’s clear and structured approach to business development. He first helped me with branding my business then coached me on creating a website and marketing my business online. Implementing his advice, I was able to quickly attract visitors to my site, and now in just over a year the site is attracting on average 3000 unique visitors per month with more than 60 000 hits per month!

Dagmar Breiling, Funding Connection

“Devin has superior knowledge of the internet.”

Devin has superior knowledge of the internet. Clear advice.

Deep spiritual understanding, as well as business acumen is a rare combination.
Always happy to brainstorm on paper and break down any complexity into .. simple easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps.

Munroosha Singh, Life Coach

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